Olavur Gregersen
Managing Director 

Olavur Gregersen is responsible for the overall project management and business development. He has a MSc. Business Administration, Economics and International Trade and has been an entrepreneur since 1988. He is the founding partner of Syntesa Partners & Associates, which is also the major shareholder of Ocean Rainforest. He has more than 20 years of experience as an international management consultant. In addition, he has been an executive and non-executive director in several innovative companies and projects.

Urd Grandorf Bak
Research and Innovation Manager

Urd has a M.Sc. in Environmental Biology and Geography and and works as an industry PhD enrolled  the National Food Institute at Danish Technological University. Ocean Rainforest and DTU have entered a collaboration agreement about research and innovation in relation to macroalgae cultivation in the Faroe Islands. Urd is the project manager of this collaboration.

George Lane
UK Business Manager and Technical Adviser
George Lane is an experienced company executive, a chartered engineer with a broad financial, commercial and technical background in the energy sector including oil and gas and renewable technologies. Held various main board directorships, since 1989 with listed and private entities, operating since 2000 as a self-employed business advisor with small to medium sized enterprises. Co-owner of an investment vehicle, which manages a small fund holding equity positions in a number of energy related businesses.

Rúni D. Joensen
Design and Offshore Construction Adviser 

Rúni D. Joensen is the chief designer behind the installations used by Ocean Rainforest. Mr. Joensen has a M.Eng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Aberdeen, and has worked as an engineer and later as senior engineer with NOV-Elmar, an oil service company in Aberdeen, since 2002. In this work he has had extensive experience with the design of prototypes for off-shore installations.

Jacob Højgaard
Mechanical Chief and Maintenance Manager

Jacob Højgaard completed his engineering degree in 1981 at Copenhagen Maskinmester Skole. Went to sea in 1975 with Chevron Shipping as a machinist/fitter. Returned to Chevron Shipping after obtaining the engineering license. Stayed with Chevron for almost 38 years, the last 20 years as chief engineer. Retired from Chevron Shipping April 2013, shortly after he started working with Ocean Rainforest, as fabricator and maintenance repair.