Seaweed Symposium for Growth in the Blue Bio-economy

The Seaweed Symposium for Growth in the Blue Bio-economy will be held in the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands from May 5 – 7 2015.

The purpose of the Seaweed Symposium is to establish a forum where projects working with cultivation, harvesting and bio-refinery of macroalgae can meet, to exchange state-of -the-art experience, identify future development challenges and potential solutions.
The symposium is sponsored by the Nordic Fisheries and Aquaculture Cooperation under the Faroese chairmanship. The chairmanship is focusing on bio-economy and Blue Growth, with an emphasis on making better use of our valuable marine living resources and developing new products from marine biomass. Macroalgae is regarded as marine resource that can be sustainably utilized in commercial industries across the Nordic region in the future.

There is a need to identify the technological development stages in relation to cultivation, harvesting and bio-refining of macroalgae in the various projects running in a Nordic and European context. This identification will make evident existing knowledge gaps and innovation needs; thereby ensuring a focused research and innovation effort towards the commercial implementation of macroalgae cultivation, harvesting and bio-refinery solutions. This focus is essential in order to boost sustainable growth in the blue bio-economy, which must come from improved utilisation of underexploited marine resources, such as macroalgae.  

The Seaweed Symposium for Growth in the Blue Bio-economy is for invited projects and key stakeholders working with macroalgae cultivation, harvesting, bio-refinery and associated processes. In addition key stakeholders representing research and development grant institutions from the Nordic region and the European Commission have been invited.  The symposium is jointly organised by the MAB3 and MacroBiotech projects.