Partners in MacroValue

MacroValue is a 3 year project (2015-2018) with the following partners:





Ocean Rainforest, Faroe Islands,  is the project owner. The company (SME) has the facilities up running for cultivation, harvesting and processing of the macroalgae, and will be responsible for collecting the samples for the analysis, as well as trials for obtaining a storage stable condition. Ocean Rainforest will also be responsible for market test and value chain analysis. Furthermore the project owner will co-ordinate the project management and dissemination. 


Matis, Iceland, have scientists with years of background in seaweed research and they will be responsible for extracting different bioactive compounds and biomolecules of interest from the cultured seaweed using the latest extraction and analysis methods, many which have been developed at Matís specifically for seaweed. Matís will furthermore characterize the properties and composition extracted compounds with the latest tools and techniques, and do a comprehensive study on their stability.

Matís operates state-of-the-art laboratories and R&D centres equipped with the latest research equipment. Matís has a biotechnology pilot plant devoted to marine bioactive compounds and biomolecules, including seaweed. Out of over 100 employees, around 25 are devoted to this field alone.

Hortimare is a private company (SME) based in in Norway (Solund) and The Netherlands (Texel). The company was founded in 2008 by entrepreneur Job Schipper and has currently 7-9 employees. 

Hortimare has 5 years' experience in propagation and cultivation technology of seaweeds. They have developed their own propagation methods of juvenile and Hortimare’s expertise in propagation is currently used in the selection and breeding of varieties with higher contents of proteins and other compounds of interest.