Participating projects

The following projects are participating in the Seaweed Symposium

  • MAB3 (Danish Strategic Research funded project with Danish Technologic Institute as co-ordinator)
  • SeaFarm (Co-ordinated by KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)
  • At-SEA (EU FP7 funded project with SIEON, Belgium, as co-ordinator)
  • MacroBiotech (NORA funded project with Ocean Rainforest Ltd. Faroe Islands as co-ordinator)
  • EnAlgae (EUFP7 funded project with Swansee University, UK, as co-ordinator)
  • Marinox (based at MATIS, Iceland)
  • Norwegian Seaweed Technology Center (based at SINTEF, Norway)
  • BioMara (Scottish Association for Marine Science)