About Ocean Rainforest

Ocean Rainforest Sp/F is a limited company located in the Faroe Islands engaged in the production of marine biomass from macroalgae in open ocean cultivation installations. Ocean Rainforest has approximately 20.000 meter of seaweed lines in the Faroe Islands, where continuous current and stable sea temperature provide the perfect condition for seaweed farming. Ocean Rainforest aims to become a leading supplier of sustainable cultivated macro algae in open ocean environments.

Ocean Rainforest is developing a method for cultivating seaweeds on the open ocean - thus moving this maritime resource away from a hunter-gathering style of procurement and into the realm of true aquaculture.
The mission of Ocean Rainforest is to provide a stable source of marine biomass for food, feed, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical  and energy products. Ocean Rainforest has designed a seaweed installation that is suited for the harsh conditions of the open ocean, which has been in situ since March 2010.