About Ocean Rainforest

Ocean Rainforest operates a sustainable production of seaweed in open ocean cultivation installations in the Faroe Islands, located in the pristine waters of the North Atlantic. Our operation spans an unbroken chain from seeding, cultivation, harvesting, processing into a storage stable condition and sales to the business-to-business market.

Ocean Rainforest has developed an innovative system for seaweed cultivation in open oceans. The system has been operating successfully since 2010. Ocean Rainforest is one of the largest seaweed cultivators in Europe, and currently we have approximately 25.000 meters of seeded seaweed lines deployed on approximately 9 hectars in Funningsfjørður,  where continuous current and stable sea temperature provide the perfect condition for seaweed farming.  The cultivation system is sustainbale, scaleable and through close monitoring and analysis we can predict the seasonal variation of the seaweed we cultivate. 
The mission of Ocean Rainforest is to be the most reliable provider of high quality seaweed cultivated in the North Atlantic.